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Create Launch Monetize Podcast

Welcome to the Create, Launch, Monetize Podcast, where we show you step-by-step how to create programs, products, and services, podcasts, and businesses from scratch, launching and monetizing them.  You become the crowned authority in your category.  Think about this show as a life boat for your business in this ever-changing digital age that allows you to grow at rapid speed to navigate the open waters of the current industry.  When you leverage the CLM Strategy for your business, podcast, book, or service, you will be recognized as the go-to Leader.

We’re excited to have you listen to the show to break away from all the noise, stand out, and know for sure that what you will execute will have lasting long-term results.  There is so much fluff, so many different strategies, so many different paths to take, how do you know “the one” is the right path?  It always seems that someone else’s strategy is amazing and they make millions while you constantly go over your notes from the tens of hundreds of webinars only to not earn revenue, not retain clients, and stay broke.  Now you don’t have to.

In a tactical way, Anthony Franck and Sean Douglas, with Military level accountability, will take you along the ride on the journey of our own creation, launch, and monetization of our assets and our businesses.

Dec 15, 2020

How many times have you been sold to immediately after accepting a friend request on social media?

How many of you look forward to being sold to when attending networking events?  Conferences?  Summits?

There are so many that have been blocked on social media from bad sales practices that it's almost expected to get bad pitches.

Anthony Franck and I talk about how to sell without selling, and without being salesy, slimy, sleezy, and repelling your potential customers and clients away.

Listen and share this episode with those who need help with their sales strategy.  We share amazing insight in this episode that can be applied immediately.

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